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MEDIA Release

Calgary, April 15, 2011 – Red Arrow is excited to announce the introduction of two improved and enhanced features: Arrival Alerts and Road Reports. In an effort to provide passengers with the best motorcoach travel experience possible, Red Arrow Motorcoach has revised these features. Already live, these new tools will give Red Arrow Motorcoach passengers the ability to better plan their travel with Red Arrow.

Accessing the tool is simple, users just need to visit and click on the “Arrival Alerts and Road Reports” button at the top right corner of the site.

The enhanced Road Reports feature highlights pick up and drop off locations and selecting a specific location allows users to view images of the stop along with address information. Further, Red Arrow has incorporated the ability for passengers to view highway cameras where current weather along the route can be viewed. Road conditions can also be obtained by selecting the appropriate option at the top of the window. All of the highway camera views and traffic condition displays are provided courtesy of the Alberta Motor Association.

One of the most helpful features would be the automated Arrival Alert service. The Arrival Alert allows those picking up Red Arrow passengers to request an automated alert message, notifying them of when the motorcoach will be arriving. They have the option to be notified five, ten, fifteen or twenty minutes before the motorcoach’s arrival. Similar to the alerts provided by many airlines, alerts can be set-up to be received via email or mobile phone via SMS.