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May 1, 2013

Red Arrow Motorcoach - Friendly Faces in Your Community

Most people know of our company as the friendly transportation service serving Albertans since 1979, but did you know Red Arrow is also involved in several community iniatives through out the year?

Red Arrow has an employee managed Community Committee, formed with the purpose of creating new and exciting fundraising opportunities through out the year. From sponsoring community events, donating rides and gifts to fundraising silent auctions to organizations like the Operation Friendship Seniors Society, to helping organizations like the University of Alberta or the Galt Museum and Archives transport students and visitors to raise awareness of programs, we believe in being part of the communities we serve.

"People are our focus," says General Manager, John Stepovy, "and we genuinely enjoy being able to help. We feel good when we get a chance to get to know more peole in these cities and communities. Lending a hand and being involved has always been part of our culture."

Red Arrow Motorcoach, your friends and part of YOUR community.