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January 1, 2013

Red Arrow announces new stop at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in S.E. Calgary! 


Whether you are taking a Red Arrow motorcoach from Lethbridge to Calgary or Calgary to Lethbridge, if you need to be picked up or dropped off on the S.E side of Calgary, we have just the right location for you.


Red Arrow Motorcoach is all about taking you where you want to go. Along with our two other stops in Calgary, Downtown and on the North side, this new stop on the South East side of Calgary makes traveling more convenient than ever.


Looking for some extra fun? Who needs Vegas when you can travel directly to the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in luxury and safety on a Red Arrow motorcoach, stay for the weekend and come home? It’s a great idea for a day-trip or weekend getaway with your friends and family. Good food, good fun, and great transportation – all in Alberta!


The Deerfoot Inn & Casino is located at 1000, 11500-35 Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta. T2Z-3W4.


Call 1-800-232-1958 for more information or check out our printable Red Arrow schedulefor all of our stops and travel times.