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Red Arrow Corporate Travel Plan

Business Travel Easy as 1-2-3

Every week, we move thousands of passengers safely to and from their destinations. Our regular scheduled services will take you right to the heart of the downtown business area in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray.

Every year, companies lose hundreds of productive work hours when employees fly or drive for business. The ability to open your laptop, take a business call, and work on-the-go while traveling with Red Arrow will potentially save you and your company hundreds of dollars every trip! 

                      Save Money On Your Corporate Travel            

Go ahead, get that critical report done, review your presentation notes, answer critical emails, or check in with your friends and family online.  Leave the driving to us - we’ll get you safely home.



Our No-Hassle Changes and Cancellation Policy

As a Corporate Traveler you have the added benefit of being able change the date and time of your reservations, or cancel reservations, prior to your departure (with notice), WITHOUT fees or penalties, even during blackout travel days.




Great Corporate Travel Benefits:

 - No minimum travel requirements. No fee to sign up.
 - Fares can be paid by credit card or charged to your Corporate Travel charge account and billed on a monthly basis
 - Preferred pricing at select hotels.
 - Corporate travellers are eligible for Frequent Traveller Points.
 - Hotel and car rental reservations (including rental car pick-up or delivery upon request).
Car Rental Package


- Corporate rate can not be combined with any other discounts.
- Missed trip will automatically be billed.


Step One: Set up an Account

We’re happy to help our valuable passengers safely travel from one city to another. Whether you are traveling yourself or your employees are travelling, we will help you to set up your Corporate Travel account. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please contact:



Step Two: Choose Your Flexible Billing Options

Our customized flexible billing options make travel planning a breeze. Simply fill out a Corporate Travel application. Then choose from our easy pay-as-you-go option or use your Corporate Travel account, listing those employees authorized to travel on a regular basis. When they travel with us, you will receive a detailed invoice stating the time and date of their travel. It’s really that easy.

If you wish to be billed monthly, you may instead fill out the Corporate Travel Credit Application Form. 

Once completed, simply return forms to our Red Arrow Central Reservations Centre by email

 Click here for a Corporate Travel Application Form (for pay-as-you-go travel or monthly billing)


Step Three: Schedule Your Trip - Welcome Aboard!

Ready to travel? Using your profile, you can book your trip online, over the phone, or in person. With Red Arrow, every passenger is guaranteed a seat. We never bump passengers or double-book seats.



To Make a Corporate Reservation:

Online or by calling 1-800-232-1958 and have the following ready:

1. Destination, departure and arrival information
2. Company name and address
3. CT Account number

For more information about Corporate Travel Plan or any other Red Arrow services, please contact



Think flying is cheaper and more convenient? Think again. 

Unlike the stress-free productive travel time on a Red Arrow motorcoach, flying is far more complicated and your productive time is limited.  First, you must arrive at the airport an hour ahead of time, spend time checking in, the seats are crowded, and on your flight between Edmonton and Calgary you might get 45 minutes of productive time if you’re lucky. Once at your destination, you then have to wait to disembark, wait for a cab, and then travel approximately 20 more minutes to get downtown.  If you consider air fare is approximately $200.00 one way and taxi from the airport is $30.00, and factor in your lost productive time, there really is no savings. Red Arrow really is the better travel option.

                   Save Money On Your Corporate Travel            

And don’t forget – unlike airlines, Red Arrow guarantees that everyone who reserves a seat gets a seat. We never bump passengers or overbook our trips.

What about driving a car instead?  We all know about the distracted driving laws.  You need to focus on the road and be aware of your surroundings while driving, so you and the other people on the road get to your destination safely. Your ability to conduct work, take phone calls and have any true productive time is extremely limited.  Also, consider the wear and tear on your vehicle, the price of gas and the cost of claimed mileage for each trip your employees take. For a return trip between Edmonton and Calgary, that can add up to over $300.00.

Saving money and Increasing Productivity is critical in today’s business environment. The economics are clear.

Traveling on Red Arrow makes good business sense.


Red Arrow Travel is Green Travel! Because each of our motorcoaches accommodates up to 36 passengers, that means up to 36 less automobiles on the road.  Each of our Prevost motorcoaches also uses energy and fuel-efficient systems, resulting in better fuel economy and less emissions for the environment.


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